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Black Diamond is a truly royal strain, both for its bag appeal and the effects it brings. This flower comes with a complex grape and berry aroma that will captivate anyone who tries it. With gorgeous purple hints, Black Diamond’s buds look royal and come with such properties, bringing its users euphoria, creativity and peace.


Loved by consumers for its high potency and long-lasting high, the Black Diamond marijuana strain is highly popular among both recreational and medical cannabis users. Read on to find out everything about this potent strain.

Origins of Black Diamond

The Black Diamond marijuana strain was created by combining Diamond OG with Blackberry.

THC Content of Black Diamond

Black Diamond comes with a powerful level of THC, which has been measured at between 15% and an impressive 24% on average.

The Appearance of Black Diamond

The strain grows medium to large buds of an elongated and a bit cylindrical shape. These buds have solid and dense structure, typical for indica marijuana varieties. Wrapped up with pale sage-green leaves, the nuggets of Black Diamond are threaded through with inconsistent shades of purple


Covered with pale brown pistils and icy white layer of trichomes, the flowers of Black Diamond are very sticky to the touch, which makes them a bit difficult to break up by hand.

Fragrance & Flavors of Black Diamond

The Black Diamond marijuana strain comes with a musky, earthy and pungent aroma. Because of its sweet grape tones, the fragrance of this bud is similar to the smell of red wine.


The tempting aroma of Black Diamond carries over to its flavor. However, this bud comes with a more earthy and sweet berry taste that will definitely induce a euphoric vibe.

Effects of Black Diamond

Black Diamond induces a cerebral high that brings euphoric vibes and almost endless giggles. You can also experience a sense of physical relief, especially after a long and stressful day.

Aside from being a powerful relaxant, Black Diamond can also trigger a serious case of munchies, making you super hungry. Given this, we recommend having some snacks nearby to indulge in after your smoking session with this bud.


You can use Black Diamond’s trippy high to listen to some ambient music or watch an interesting TV series you planned to check last week. Since this bud can cause a strong body stone effect, it’s best to smoke it on evenings or before going to bed when its relaxing properties can be fully discovered.

Medical Uses of Black Diamond

The Black Diamond marijuana strain comes with an array of medical applications. To start with, it can give you a sense of complete relaxation and balance, while recharging your inner batteries so that you can spend some fun time with your friends and engage socially even than with any other strain.


Black Diamond can also do wonders for insomniacs due to its sedative properties. That’s also the main reason why doctors recommend this strain for evening or nighttime use.


On top of that, the strain is praised for its analgesic properties and its potential to relieve nausea while boosting appetite. Many medical cannabis patients report improvements in eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, or a compulsive eating disorder.

Potential Side Effects of Black Diamond

Like any other marijuana strain, Black Diamond comes with a few mild side effects — like the so-called cottonmouth and dry, red eyes. Smoking too much of this flower may also give you a headache, so remember to keep your intake in moderation. You want to be a responsible cannabis user, don’t you?

Black Diamond – Summary

With its easygoing and stress-crushing vibe, the Black Diamond marijuana strain can be the best choice for those seeking symptom relief and recreational effects. Whether you prefer some quality solo weed time, or you’re more into group smoking sessions, Black Diamond is the way to go.

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2 reviews for Black Diamond

  1. Johnson

    Just the name of this strain makes me awe. Wouldn’t mind taking this for a whole week. Bless up for quality stuffs guys

  2. Jennifer hills

    Had a blast trying this for the first time.
    Thanks guys

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