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hybrid weed strain originating from the United States, most likely on the West Coast, even though its exact origins are not known. If we were to believe the legends, we could tell you that this outstanding strain was created in a South Oregon cannabis seed lab. However, we are not here to talk about that kind of legends.

The only legend here is the strain in itself. It leans very heavily into its Sativa side and has quite a high THC percentage. This is the main reason why its fans love to use it primarily during the day. Seaweed can boost your energy levels, improve creativity, and provide a much-needed sense of bliss and euphoria.

Nothing fishy here

Artists and creatives alike love to buy Seaweed online. To begin with, the strain is a very beautiful one, that is sure to please you aesthetically speaking. In fact, that is exactly where its name, Seaweed, comes from.

The buds of this hybrid strain remind one of the thin and stringy West Coast seaweed which you will enjoy holding and playing with. They are small and quite dense and have a few leaves entangled here and there.

Another thing that most users admire about this strain is that the Seaweed buds burn very smoothly and cleanly. They leave behind a fresh, lemony flavour that reminds you of seashores and days in the sun. The undertones you may feel are of pine and spices that complement the strong citrus flavour like an expensive perfume.

The strain for creativity

Seaweed has arguably been named one of the best cannabis strains out there for creative purposes. As a result, if you are a painter, writer, or contribute to the arts field in any way and buy Seaweed online, you could seriously get hooked on its wonderful boost of energy and creativity.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s off-limits for everyone else. Anyone can buy Seaweed online in Canada from our online dispensary and enjoy its creative effects.

Given the fact that Seaweed packs quite a high THC level, it can keep you going for some time. As a result, you can also use this strain to ward off depression, lethargy, moderate anxiety, and even headaches.

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3 reviews for Seaweed

  1. Naomi de guzman

    With it’s high THC this strain keeps me on for quite a while. Especially when I’m depressed

  2. Mike

    Had to asked some questions and it was a very prompt return and I was guided throughout my order. The seaweed is definitely something to try out

  3. Arna Taylor

    Fast and cheap site

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