High Rollers (Prerolls)

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1.5 Gram prerolls with wide variety of flavors in stock (Hybrid ,Indica & Sativa). If rolling your own joints is a smoker’s right of passage, then buying pre-rolled ones is the reward at the end of that hero’s journey. In contrast to the ready-made joints of decades past, which mainly consisted of dispensary freebies stuffed with leafy, High Rollers Prerolls(Min Order 20), bulk-bin detritus, today’s pre-rolled joints are crafted to meet specific needs. Whether it’s single pre-rolls, multi-packs, mini joints, or specific effects you’re looking for, there are tons of options these days. But to separate the truly great from the serviceable, the Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) spent thousands of hours lighting up every pre-roll under the California sun. In the process, they discovered a small handful of brands actually live up to the hype.

My recommendation? Get yourself familiarized with the pre-roll brands that came out on top. Then test out the PCC’s top picks, most of which you can get delivered straight to your door via Parcel.


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