Moonrock clear Carts

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Moon Rocks are a THC megazord—they’re essentially cannabis buds (historically GSC, but any strain suffices) dipped in or sprayed with hash oil, then rolled in kief.
99% THC

$45.00 $25.00


5 reviews for Moonrock clear Carts

  1. Kim

    Dam thank you so much fr safe delivery

  2. Kim

    Taste bomb I dnt think 🤔 they have 90% but there good taste n a little good buzzzz!!!! Nice I will try them alll!!!!

  3. Blake

    Truly out-of-this-world! Nothing has come close..
    For the price and the THC percentage. Man, anything else it’s just dumb. Everywhere else their cartridges are around 70% and they cost up to five bucks more. This is truly the only cartridge that can one-hit-quit me, a true vet. Keep up the great work guys, would love for someone to contact me about perhaps buying in bulk.

  4. Sarah stone

    Thanks so much for this product. Dam I received the package before I could even smoke em I had to order more. Thanks for being legit

  5. Larry

    I really appreciate y’all. This product is really dope …. I love the products. Thanks dr kush420 you are the best 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

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